Potential change to the prize structure

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Potential change to the prize structure

Postby Brian » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:46 pm

Hi all,

It's always been my intention to reward tipsters for their excellent tips and write ups as fairly as possible and I think the current setup needs some improvement.

Currently the prizes are split between the top 5 in each table regardless of profits and I think it would be better to reward all tipsters who finish nicely in the green and have the prize money allocated as a proportion of the profit they've made. I also want to reward consistency too so tipsters may need to be in profit overall or in the last 2-3 months for example if they have improved a lot after a shaky start to their tipping profile.

I know prizes aren't particularly important to a lot of you but I also think that this makes it more fun too as you don't know exactly how much you've won until your last tip runs.

Obviously, profits in the football and tennis table are harder to come by so I think a higher percentage ratio of prize money to profits will be required but apart from that I don't envisage too many problems. Other than me going broke of course :!: and I might have to give a guide percentage figure with a disclaimer or a cap on the maximum that can be won just in case.

Either way, if this is a go-er then I will ensure that the prize money is at least as good as it is now so it should definitely be an improvement.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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Potential change to the prize structure

Postby Dynamite21 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:25 pm

Hi Brian

I think it's important that new and loyal members can easily understand the prize structure on this website. Also any changes should seem like a good move and not just an experiment that will melt away in a month or two.

Longterm goal>>> (sit down)
1st £250
2nd £100
3rd £50
4th £25

The current 5 STAR system has lasted the test of time and is readily grasped, but it also holds a good measure of complexity. My suggestion is to further enhance this visual indicator and at the same time give out a sense of prize development continuity and momentum.

1. Tipsters who are making a constant PROFIT should be awarded a SILVER STAR (50% extra prize).
Consistency to be measured over a 9 month period. (3 trios) eg.

2. The award of a BRONZE STAR (25% extra prize) would be given to a progressive tipster.
Progression to be measured over a 9 month period. (3 trios) eg.
Maintaining a high standard would also merit this gong. (+500 for each tri-month)

3. Reasoning GOLD STARS should be trimmed to a maximum of three, thus making room for these additional awards. The everest five star rating would therefore be.............Image
That would then take this tipster to DIAMOND status. (GOD!)
4. A tracker fund could be established to follow these DIAMOND tips. Image
Any monthly profits would go towards boosting the prizepot and also to reward anyone who has done particularly well THAT month.

With regard to the TRACKER FUND, unclaimed/donated prizes can swell it's coffers. Another idea of mine is to develop a culture/gentleman's agreement that if a TIPSTER has been instrumental in you landing a nice win then you should give thanks and also £5 to the TF.
I have more suggestions :idea: ... but for now.

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Re: Potential change to the prize structure

Postby Brian » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:36 pm

Thanks for your input Dynamite, I'm sure we wil get to thos ekind of figures as the site keeps progressing, getting more traffic etc. There's some good suggestions there. I definitely think keeping and building on the visual indicator with the stars is important and that consitency needs both pointing out and rewarding. I think the system may need to be a bit simpler than what you suggested though.

I will have to do a poll to see whether people prefer playing for a bigger prize or winning smaller more regular prizes. The reason I like the % of profits approach, is because it is far less tactical and won't lead to prize hunting behaviour.

The tracker fund and donations are good suggestions too. I'm sure there would be people willing to donate some of the mega money they are making from here! Not sure how the tracker fund would work exactly and what the stakes would be, who would fund it etc.

Definitely some more thought required I think and I will await further feedback.
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