Tips Susbcription

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Tips Susbcription

Postby Brian » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:36 am

We want to make sure we continue to attract new tipsters to the site and other link minded people to grow the community and so we know think it would be best to make the lower quality tips visible to non-subscribers from the 1st of Feb. These will be tips from 3 star tipsters and below. Tipsters with 4 and 5 star rating will still require the £10 subscription.

Most of the profits each month come from the 4 and 5 star tipsters as you’d imagine and it will benefit you to continue to be subscribed but we thought it best to make you aware of the new structure.

If you do have a decent size betting bank of say £1000-2000 and above, you may want to consider following the holy grail tips. They are flourishing again for a 3rd year running and we are currently in the process of being verified and reviewed by the Secret Betting Club, and More Money Review. With this service you can expect to roughly double your bank each season and it’s all computerised and back tested over more than 10 seasons worth of betting data.
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