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Beer Festival at Nottingham Races

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:53 pm
by Sargent M ... r-festival

On Friday the 6th May Nottingham races have a full race card in conjunction with their annual beer festival, I've already purchase my tickets and thought this could be an opportunity for those that fancy it to meet up for a drink or ten and share an evening of racing. Would be nice to put some faces to names and have a little bit of a TipsterTable get together. If this is something a few are interested it could possibly expanded to yearly fixture at various race courses up and down the country, to allow those that cant travel too far to also join the fun, but lets see how much interest we get here before we look too far ahead.

For anybody that is interested, leave a post on here and we can arrange a meeting point etc, using this forum.