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BV Value At the Prices System

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:24 pm
by BettorValue
Hello folks! It's been a while, but been actively working on getting some value bets going for the summer. They has been working well for a few weeks, but its early season and past performance is no guarantee of future success.

Basically what we are doing is scanning the market for horses that have a good chance of winning on the tissue price, setting a target price to achieve a very generous margin from the bookie, and using small stakes punting them to show a profit over time. All good stuff, usual BV approach here, so if you followed the BV or BVBiggies tips there's nothing new in this, just a bit more 'managed' in terms of profit seeking. There could be more than 1 qualifier in the race - but using small stakes, and at the odds, it doesn't hurt to have them running on your side.

If the horse reaches the price, we back it - so does involve a bit of monitoring. I am only going to be able to go off the early prices and SP of the race, but if you like what you see and you are super keen and want to watch the markets for movements throughout the racing day and bet anything that qualifies that's up to you.

If ANY of the horses hits the target price they represent HUGE value at the odds - worthy of a second look and a quid on the nose to win!

The format goes something like this... [selection], [target price]. If the price is achievable immediately I will put an * next to it.

So... day one here we go:

Tuesday - 7th of May Selections

1:50 Wetherby

Spice Of Life, 10 *
Loch Laggan(IRE), 13 *
Gold Stick(IRE), 14
Classic Design(IRE), 17
Stone Mason(IRE), 20

2:20 Wetherby
Boston George(IRE), 6 *
Franz Kafka(IRE), 10
Dream Of Honour(IRE), 11

2:50 Wetherby
Duneflower(IRE), 5.2
Be More, 16
Deebee, 18
Dabouk(IRE), 22
Alexandria, 22 *

3:20 Wetherby
Case Key, 7 *
Show Palace, 10 *
Tabaahy, 13
Musharrif, 17
Van Gerwen, 22

3:55 Wetherby
Ocala, 9
Shawaamekh, 9
Equidae, 12
Zodiakos(IRE), 22

4:25 Wetherby
Lorton, 5 *
Mr Diamond(IRE), 13
Fastman(IRE), 18
Evie Speed(IRE), 20

4:55 Wetherby
Moon King(FR), 4
Nordano(GER), 9 *
Ydra, 11
Earl Of Harrow, 15

5:25 Wetherby
Move In Faster, 7.6 *
Apache Blaze, 11
Mr Coco Bean(USA), 12
Ascot Week(USA), 16

6:00 Wolverhampton
Coachella(IRE), 6 *
Jupiter, 11
Master Poet, 18
Pushaq(IRE), 20
Clement(IRE), 22

6:30 Wolverhampton
Unforgiving Minute, 3.5 *
Loyalty, 9
The Lamplighter(FR), 12
Ballard Down(IRE), 16

7:00 Wolverhampton
Cappananty Con, 6.4
Top Boy, 6.66 *
Katheefa(USA), 12
Big Time Maybe(IRE), 13
A Sure Welcome, 20

7:30 Wolverhampton
The Throstles, 6 *
Badenscoth, 7.6
Redgrave(IRE), 10
Acker Bilk(IRE), 16

8:00 Wolverhampton
Precision Prince(IRE), 5.2 *
Archdeacon, 11 *
Sea Of Marengo(IRE), 20 *
Chance Of Glory(FR), 20

8:30 Wolverhampton
Tempus, 3.5
Tronador(IRE), 11 *
Bardo Contiguo(IRE), 14

Good luck! Will post Wednesday's selections about the same time tomorrow evening so we can cream the prices. EVERY one of these horses can win and if they do so at the odds we have a real bargain bet!

Re: BV Value At the Prices System

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 10:01 pm
by superted
Nice to see you back BV hope you are well and wish you the best of luck mate :D