Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

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Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Rhinoceros1980 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 1:48 pm

Hi Brian and everyone,
Has anyone considered the above question. It seems to be that most of the success in terms of profit comes mid week for me as saturday(bookies benefit day) is not always a good day for the tipsters here. What do others think? I definitely think there are more tips to choose from on a saturday so you have to be more selective in terms of who you follow. Im considering halfing my stakes on a Saturday in order to reduce losses and in turn increase profit over a period of time. Anyway good luck on Saturday from Jack

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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Brian » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:45 am

This is a really interesting one, thanks Jack.

My instinct says that Saturdays tend to go one of two way, extremely good or extremely bad! There is a lot to bet on and with more people betting on a Saturday perhaps opinion and prices are more accurate... Maybe bookies don't need to offer such competitive prices either and the overrounds are bigger too??

All speculation of course and if we get enough interest in this subject I'll write some queries to capture the data from the tipster table for each day of the week so we all know which days to generally try and steer clear of!
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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Brigadier » Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:28 pm

I find there are two things about Saturdays that do make it more difficult to make a profit. The racing is more competitive with many more races having several contenders, and the prices for those contenders are much shorter than they would have been during the week. Presumably there are a lot of Saturday punters who back their fancy regardless of the price. Having said that if you set a minimum acceptable price taking into account the extra contenders and not take prices below that then it should be just as profitable. You'll probably find you don't have many bets on a Saturday because the prices are too skinny!

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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Rhinoceros1980 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:31 am

Yeah so we are basically saying the value is much better during the week. And due to the market being more saturated on a saturday, the value is harder to find. A couple of the lads did well yesterday mind you

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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby culvey » Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:31 pm

I've been having a think about this and I think it is hit and miss like Brian said and can go either way. But I disagree with the value being better in the week, but only because I feel there are two types of value in horse racing.

Value on a favourite - or - value on an outsider. I think you can only have one or the other in a race, if a favourite is backed shorter than it should be then the outsider might be bigger than its 'true' odds and vice versa, if an outsider is gambled on then a favourite might be pushed out beyond its 'true' odds. Or the bookies could get it bang on.

I think often during the week the true favourites are snapped up by big-time punters and are even shorter than they should be because there are not as many general punters betting across the field. This is where value on outsiders can be picked up.

On a Saturday, I don't think big-time punters are piling into anything in big handicaps such as The Becher Chase, because it is just too open, you can't really be confident on anything but horses with the best form may be at better value prices because so much money is taken across the entire field.

However top class smaller field races on Saturdays often have the same effect as mid-week races where the favourite might be shorter than he should be and value can be found in outsiders.

On this site I think people struggle to be as selective on Saturdays as mid-week (myself included) because there is so much more racing we put more bets on (I've had a Saturday with 8 bets all miss but a few weeks later 7 bets and 2 hit) so the fluctuation on Saturdays is much bigger - big loss or big win - but if you are selecting your bets the same way as you always are mid-week or weekend and looking for the value then I think it would even itself out over a period of time... I think! haha.

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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Arwel » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:41 pm

I find Saturdays very profitable usually. I hope that you take advantage of the bookies special offers, for example William Hill and BoyleSports offer money back if 2nd. You can either back and lay the same horse in order to try and get the freebet (max £25), or just have a flutter on two horses you fancy (which is more fun).
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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Brian » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:53 pm

As promised here are the Tipster Table results per day...

Saturdays are definitely a good day despite the fears but not quite the best. Friday is the best day overall to follow a tip from the Tipster Table! Wednesday is also a good day to follow our best racing tipsters

At the end of the day value is value but Sunday seems to be the day NOT to bet. Football was particularly bad on Sundays and racing low by comparison to other days too when you look at the top 10 tipsters' results. Mondays are another bad day for football with Tuesday being the day to bet for the footy. I haven't included the footy results but let me know if you want these.

I'm not sure of the reasoning behind Sunday being poor this but there is the lowest amount of tips recorded on this day. Perhaps there isn't enough to choose from on a Sunday and those having a bet are doing so for the sake of it...Any thoughts?

All time (Allsports) £2755.52 from 12859 tips
Monday: -68.34 from 1362 tips
Tuesday: 374.61 from 1793 tips
Wednesday: 728.40 from 1681 tips
Thursday: 300.73 from 1632 tips
Friday: 1023.00 from 1621 tips
Saturday: 1002.91 from 3189 tips
Sunday: -605.79 from 1581 tips

All time (Horse Racing) £4863.26 from 6593 tips
Monday: 424.66 from 756 tips
Tuesday: -98.79 from 834 tips
Wednesday: 1420.92 from 914 tips
Thursday: 463.65 from 927 tips
Friday: 1150.80 from 930 tips
Saturday: 974.11 from 1483 tips
Sunday: 527.91 from 749 tips

All time (top 10 racing tipsters) £8151.81 from 4394 tips
Monday: 909.43 from 512 tips
Tuesday: 1027.16 from 541 tips
Wednesday: 1847.84 from 598 tips
Thursday: 1129.49 from 609 tips
Friday: 1354.50 from 633 tips
Saturday: 1188.51 from 1015 tips
Sunday: 694.88 from 486 tips
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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Tracy2014 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:01 pm

I think Saturdays are much more difficult to predict because they are more competitive, Especially if you are betting on the televised races.
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Re: Mid week v Saturday profits - horse racing

Postby Lunchtime » Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:47 pm

I can't claim to come near Ron E's 60 years punting experience but after my own 40 plus years
I have come to the conclusion that there is no greater gulf in punting than than the difference
between weekday and Saturday racing. Sunday racing is different to both - I can't quite get to the
bottom of it; I would be a richer and wiser man if I had adhered to the old adage: never on a Sunday.

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