How to bet less than £2 on Betfair

The minimum amount you can place on Betfair’s betting exchange is £2. There are times when you might want to bet less than this on a longshot or if you are trialing a new strategy and there is a way you can do this. You basically need to make a bet, modify it which then splits it into 2 smaller bets and then you modify one and cancel the other. Here’s how you can bet less than £2 on Betfair with screenshots:

1) Make a bet that is unmatched for £2 e.g. at odds of 1000 to make sure it isn’t matched.




2) Then you update the stake to £2 plus the amount under £2 you actually want to bet, say 50p for example so £2.50 in total.




3) This creates 2 separate bets, one for £2 and one for 50p. Cancel the £2 one and then adjust the odds for the 50p one to the odds you want so you can get your bet matched.




And there you have it a 50p bet matched!

Please note that this workaround doesn’t work on Betfair’s mobile app.