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Tipster: WhippaSnappa  ratingratingratingratingrating

Tips: 510
Win / Loss: 130-23-357
Num Placed:80
Balance: 503.51
Yield: 10.3%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month: 104.25

NEW! Profit for this month at recommended stakes: 29.25
NEW! Overall Profit at recommended stakes: 428.51
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Overall Profit if 30 units alloacted for NAP, 20 for near best, 5 for outsiders and 10 for the rest: 1498.51
*NB - Some used this to show tip confidence prior to the introduction of variable staking (Jan 2017) information but a NAP might not necessarily be recommended at 30 units now.

Horse racing looking for the value in two year old horses although I will now extend this to a full 12 months (April 2016 - March 2017)so officially it means in January- March I will be tipping 3yo in Maiden Stakes and Maiden Handicaps as most racing people know 2yo have an official birthday (January 1st) and a actual birthday which see many horses running in these 3yo races are still actually 2yo`s.

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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit/Loss for NAPS: 540.51
Profit at odds less than 3.0: 10.00
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0: -18.37
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0: -263.37
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: 342.00
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 433.25
Profit if backed win only: 65.00 (-438.51)

Average num tips per day: 3.81
Average odds overall: 15.2
Average odds on winners: 13.29
Longest losing streak: 26

Current year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
3.00 104.25

Last year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
-41.25 225.51 172.50 167.00 -127.50

Profit for 2016: 396.26
Profit for 2017: 107.25

Results - Last 100 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00118/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Billys Boots 41.00LOSE 10.00503.51
00218/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Man About Town   21.00LOSE 10.00513.51
00318/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Artscape   15.00WIN 84.00523.51
00418/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Heavenly Cry 15.00LOSE 10.00439.51
00518/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Zenovia 8.50LOSE 10.00449.51
00618/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Beatisa 67.00LOSE 10.00459.51
00717/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Sugarloaf Mountain   2.63LOSE 10.00469.51
00817/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Bowban   6.00WIN 0.00479.51
00916/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Seprani 9.00WIN 5.00479.51
01016/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Ivors Magic 23.00LOSE 10.00474.51
01115/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Cartavio     10.00LOSE 10.00484.51
01214/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Boogie Babe     17.00LOSE 10.00494.51
01313/02 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Mayflair   17.00WIN 11.00504.51
01408/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Cherry Leyf 17.00LOSE 10.00493.51
01506/02 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Poetic Queen 12.00WIN 6.00503.51
01603/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Rock N Roll Global   13.00WIN 7.00497.51
01703/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Mailshot 3.50LOSE 10.00490.51
01801/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Sky Ballerina   4.00LOSE 10.00500.51
01901/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Tailors Row 6.00WIN 1.25510.51
02001/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Little Kingdom 26.00WIN 150.00509.26
02101/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Port Master 26.00LOSE 10.00359.26
02201/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Shiloh 23.00LOSE 10.00369.26
02301/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win American Patrol   1.83LOSE 10.00379.26
02401/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w London Grammar 67.00LOSE 10.00389.26
02525/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Touch Me 11.00LOSE 10.00399.26
02624/01 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Medici Moon 19.00WIN 13.00409.26
02731/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Mullarkey   21.00LOSE 10.00396.26
02831/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Innstigator 23.00LOSE 10.00406.26
02930/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win White Royale   9.00LOSE 10.00416.26
03030/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w White Royale   9.00LOSE 10.00426.26
03129/12 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Oakley Pride 12.00LOSE 10.00436.26
03229/12 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Aventus 10.00LOSE 10.00446.26
03328/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Ritas Man 26.00LOSE 10.00456.26
03428/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Nellie Deen 13.00LOSE 10.00466.26
03528/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Captain Pugwash 13.00LOSE 10.00476.26
03627/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Mikey Ready   15.00LOSE 10.00486.26
03727/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Red Mohican   21.00WIN 15.00496.26
03826/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Speed Freak   7.50WIN 1.50481.26
03922/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Cappananty Con   13.00WIN 10.00479.76
04022/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Bois De Boulogne   2.50LOSE 10.00469.76
04120/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Fair Selene 26.00LOSE 10.00479.76
04220/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Snuggy 17.00WIN 15.00489.76
04320/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Suspect Package   9.00LOSE 10.00474.76
04420/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Night Poetry 3.50VOID484.76
04520/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Beyond Recall   29.00LOSE 10.00484.76
04619/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> E/w Termsnconditions   17.00LOSE 10.00494.76
04719/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> E/w Nuzha 13.00LOSE 10.00504.76
04818/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Roundabout Magic 10.00LOSE 10.00514.76
04917/12 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Zipedee 34.00LOSE 10.00524.76
05016/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Alfonso Manana 34.00LOSE 10.00534.76
05116/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Portledge 21.00LOSE 10.00544.76
05216/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Champagne Pink 11.00LOSE 10.00554.76
05316/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Belles Angel   15.00LOSE 10.00564.76
05416/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Bizzarria   4.00WIN 30.00574.76
05515/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> E/w Willwams 21.00VOID544.76
05615/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Whatelseaboutyou 26.00LOSE 10.00544.76
05714/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Cape Cruiser     8.50LOSE 10.00554.76
05813/12 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Eid Rose 34.00LOSE 10.00564.76
05913/12 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Diamond Princess   34.00LOSE 10.00574.76
06012/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Aventus 26.00WIN 26.25584.76
06110/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Ignacio Zuloaga 29.00LOSE 10.00558.51
06209/12 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Milish 15.00LOSE 10.00568.51
06309/12 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Mags Well 26.00LOSE 10.00578.51
06409/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Flashing Light 29.00LOSE 10.00588.51
06509/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Everkyllachy   13.00LOSE 10.00598.51
06609/12 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Tael O Gold   12.00LOSE 10.00608.51
06707/12 HHorse Racing Dund-> Win Pronounced     7.00LOSE 10.00618.51
06807/12 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Mr Shelby   17.00WIN 15.00628.51
06907/12 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Dandy Dude   34.00LOSE 10.00613.51
07007/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Prosecution 41.00LOSE 10.00623.51
07107/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Outcrop 15.00WIN 9.00633.51
07207/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Emenem 5.00WIN 40.00624.51
07307/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Widnes 17.00LOSE 10.00584.51
07407/12 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Kingofmerrows 13.00WIN 7.00594.51
07506/12 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Dal Riata   8.50LOSE 10.00587.51
07603/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Dubai One   8.00WIN 43.75597.51
07703/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Hochfeld   11.00WIN 60.00553.76
07802/12 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Vanderbilt 8.50LOSE 10.00493.76
07901/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Five Star Frank   13.00LOSE 10.00503.76
08001/12 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win No Not Again   17.00LOSE 10.00513.76
08130/11 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Darkroom Angel 15.00LOSE 10.00523.76
08230/11 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Ocean Promise 34.00LOSE 10.00533.76
08330/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Heavens Rock   15.00VOID543.76
08430/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Sliceoflife 21.00LOSE 10.00543.76
08526/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Road To Dubai 17.00LOSE 10.00553.76
08626/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Hamidans Girl   7.00LOSE 10.00563.76
08725/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Scotch Myst   13.00WIN 10.00573.76
08823/11 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Amenta 26.00VOID563.76
08923/11 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Four Candles 21.00LOSE 10.00563.76
09023/11 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Hertford Dancer     26.00LOSE 10.00573.76
09123/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Speedo Boy 17.00WIN 11.00583.76
09223/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Serenade The Stars 34.00LOSE 10.00572.76
09323/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Kings Heart 8.00LOSE 10.00582.76
09423/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Judy Woods 9.00LOSE 10.00592.76
09522/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Big Sigh 15.00VOID602.76
09622/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Dal Riata   3.50VOID602.76
09719/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Coping Stone   15.00LOSE 10.00602.76
09818/11 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Fingallian   23.00LOSE 10.00612.76
09918/11 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Legend Status   67.00LOSE 10.00622.76
10018/11 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w The Blues Master   7.50LOSE 10.00632.76

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