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Tipster: DaveStevos  ratingratingratingratingrating

Tips: 500
Win / Loss: 99-36-365
Num Placed:77
Balance: 822.55
Yield: 17.7%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month: -15.00

NEW! Profit for this month at recommended stakes: -15.00
NEW! Overall Profit at recommended stakes: 1010.55
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Overall Profit if 30 units alloacted for NAP, 20 for near best, 5 for outsiders and 10 for the rest: 1262.55
*NB - Some used this to show tip confidence prior to the introduction of variable staking (Jan 2017) information but a NAP might not necessarily be recommended at 30 units now.

Have been a horse racing enthusiast for almost two decades and I love a bet. I look for value in the markets, and usually tip up horses at double figure prices for small stakes. Follow me on twitter @davestevos and check my blog for insight on why I tip some of the horses I do.

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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit/Loss for NAPS: 992.33
Profit at odds less than 3.0:
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0:
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0: 40.00
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: 86.85
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 695.70
Profit if backed win only: 281.00 (-541.55)

Average num tips per day: 1.3
Average odds overall: 23.75
Average odds on winners: 21.63
Longest losing streak: 25

Current year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
172.00 -94.00 27.50 -162.50 -8.75 -140.25 -15.00

Last year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
18.50 -52.00 -32.50 125.00 -140.00 -53.75 122.88 -93.00 -107.25 217.25 188.10 98.85

Profit for 2015: 751.47
Profit for 2016: 292.08
Profit for 2017: -221.00

Tips not yet settled

Date  Tip OddsBookie
001?? HHorse Racing * Login to view *   ??BetVictor

Results - Last 100 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00122/07 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Street Poet   34.00LOSE 10.00822.55
00222/07 HHorse Racing GowP-> E/w Nannys Well     17.00LOSE 10.00832.55
00319/07 HHorse Racing Sand-> E/w Haulani   21.00VOID842.55
00419/07 HHorse Racing Sand-> E/w Go Bananas   26.00LOSE 10.00842.55
00515/07 HHorse Racing Newm-> E/w Bossy Guest   21.00LOSE 10.00852.55
00615/07 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Dragon Mall   26.00VOID862.55
00715/07 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Dragon Mall   26.00LOSE 10.00862.55
00813/07 HHorse Racing Newm-> E/w Top Boy   41.00WIN 45.00872.55
00911/07 HHorse Racing Brig-> E/w Go Bananas   29.00VOID827.55
01008/07 HHorse Racing Sand-> E/w Muntazah     21.00WIN 20.00827.55
01107/07 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Havre De Paix   34.00VOID807.55
01205/07 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> E/w Little Miss Lola   41.00LOSE 10.00807.55
01304/07 HHorse Racing GowP-> E/w Elzaa     17.00LOSE 10.00817.55
01401/07 HHorse Racing Newm-> E/w Staff College     17.00VOID827.55
01501/07 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Champagne Champ   34.00LOSE 10.00827.55
01630/06 HHorse Racing Curr-> E/w Sahreej     15.00WIN 12.50837.55
01729/06 HHorse Racing Ham-> E/w Pennine Warrior   17.00LOSE 10.00825.05
01827/06 HHorse Racing Ballin-> E/w Baby Bellini   29.00LOSE 10.00835.05
01924/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Dragon Mall   21.00LOSE 10.00845.05
02023/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Cape Cova     17.00LOSE 10.00855.05
02123/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Madeline   23.00LOSE 10.00865.05
02222/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Twin Star   51.00LOSE 10.00875.05
02322/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Prince Of Arran   81.00LOSE 10.00885.05
02421/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Bossy Guest     26.00LOSE 10.00895.05
02521/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Glastonbury Song   26.00LOSE 10.00905.05
02620/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Marchingontogether     26.00LOSE 10.00915.05
02720/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w American Patriot   26.00LOSE 10.00925.05
02817/06 HHorse Racing Muss-> E/w Jack Dexter   23.00LOSE 10.00935.05
02917/06 HHorse Racing Muss-> E/w Lil Sophella   34.00LOSE 10.00945.05
03016/06 HHorse Racing Fairy-> E/w Forcefull   17.00LOSE 10.00955.05
03116/06 HHorse Racing Sand-> E/w Bequia     17.00LOSE 10.00965.05
03214/06 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Ravens Lady     17.00WIN 11.00975.05
03311/06 HHorse Racing Curr-> E/w Total Demolition   26.00LOSE 10.00964.05
03410/06 HHorse Racing Curr-> E/w Sir Ector   34.00WIN 36.25974.05
03509/06 HHorse Racing Good-> E/w Hurricane Rock   17.00LOSE 10.00937.80
03607/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Joaldo     19.00LOSE 10.00947.80
03703/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> E/w Olivia Fallow     26.00LOSE 10.00957.80
03801/06 HHorse Racing Fairy-> E/w Likewise   21.00LOSE 10.00967.80
03930/05 HHorse Racing Leic-> E/w Sayem   34.00LOSE 10.00977.80
04027/05 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Parish Boy   51.00VOID987.80
04126/05 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Saxo Jack   26.00WIN 20.00987.80
04224/05 HHorse Racing Yarm-> E/w Little Orchid   26.00LOSE 10.00967.80
04321/05 HHorse Racing Naas-> E/w Mr Scarlet   34.00LOSE 10.00977.80
04420/05 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Signore Piccolo   17.00LOSE 10.00987.80
04519/05 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Sues Angel   26.00WIN 26.25997.80
04619/05 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Stoneyford Lane   34.00LOSE 10.00971.55
04718/05 HHorse Racing York-> E/w Contrapposto   51.00LOSE 10.00981.55
04813/05 HHorse Racing Ascot-> E/w Shady Mccoy   41.00WIN 45.00991.55
04910/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> E/w Sir Chauvelin     21.00LOSE 10.00946.55
05006/05 HHorse Racing Good-> E/w Malt Teaser     21.00LOSE 10.00956.55
05104/05 HHorse Racing Redc-> E/w Kazanan     17.00LOSE 10.00966.55
05204/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Sayem   17.00LOSE 10.00976.55
05329/04 HHorse Racing Punch-> E/w Solstice Son   41.00LOSE 10.00986.55
05428/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Thorntoun Lady   29.00VOID996.55
05528/04 HHorse Racing Punch-> E/w Padraigs Joy     26.00LOSE 10.00996.55
05627/04 HHorse Racing Punch-> E/w Ah Littleluck   41.00LOSE 10.001006.55
05726/04 HHorse Racing Punch-> E/w Going For Broke     26.00LOSE 10.001016.55
05825/04 HHorse Racing Punch-> E/w Light That     17.00WIN 15.001026.55
05922/04 HHorse Racing Newb-> E/w Sir Roderic     26.00LOSE 10.001011.55
06022/04 HHorse Racing Newb-> E/w Make Time   17.00LOSE 10.001021.55
06121/04 HHorse Racing Ayr-> E/w Important Moment     17.00LOSE 10.001031.55
06220/04 HHorse Racing Newm-> E/w Lyric Harmony   51.00LOSE 10.001041.55
06317/04 HHorse Racing Fairy-> E/w Some Drama     26.00LOSE 10.001051.55
06417/04 HHorse Racing Fairy-> E/w Measureofmydreams   41.00LOSE 10.001061.55
06515/04 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Floresco   26.00LOSE 10.001071.55
06611/04 HHorse Racing Ponte-> E/w First Wheat   23.00LOSE 10.001081.55
06709/04 HHorse Racing FfosL-> E/w Driftwood Haze     15.00WIN 12.501091.55
06808/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Regal Encore   81.00LOSE 10.001079.05
06908/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Full Cry     19.00LOSE 10.001089.05
07007/04 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w You Gotta Move   21.00LOSE 10.001099.05
07107/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Katachenko   34.00LOSE 10.001109.05
07207/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Sky Khan     17.00LOSE 10.001119.05
07305/04 HHorse Racing Leop-> E/w Poetic Choice     17.00LOSE 10.001129.05
07401/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Master Carpenter   41.00LOSE 10.001139.05
07530/03 HHorse Racing Taun-> E/w River Dun     26.00LOSE 10.001149.05
07628/03 HHorse Racing Hex-> E/w Oak Vintage   17.00LOSE 10.001159.05
07725/03 HHorse Racing Newb-> E/w Its Jennifer   41.00LOSE 10.001169.05
07821/03 HHorse Racing Clon-> E/w Germany John   19.00LOSE 10.001179.05
07919/03 HHorse Racing Lim-> E/w Seskinane   29.00LOSE 10.001189.05
08018/03 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Duke Street     15.00WIN 12.501199.05
08117/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Croco Bay   51.00LOSE 10.001186.55
08217/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Tommy Silver     26.00LOSE 10.001196.55
08316/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Katachenko   51.00LOSE 10.001206.55
08415/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Mountain Rock   51.00LOSE 10.001216.55
08515/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Scoir Mear     26.00WIN 20.001226.55
08614/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Powersbomb   29.00WIN 30.001206.55
08714/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w Ballycross   41.00LOSE 10.001176.55
08814/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> E/w A Good Skin   34.00LOSE 10.001186.55
08912/03 HHorse Racing Naas-> E/w Sizing Coal   21.00VOID1196.55
09010/03 HHorse Racing Dund-> E/w Marino Marvel   34.00LOSE 10.001196.55
09108/03 HHorse Racing Kemp-> E/w Castanea     17.00LOSE 10.001206.55
09205/03 HHorse Racing Leop-> E/w Shuil Teacht Aniar     21.00LOSE 10.001216.55
09304/03 HHorse Racing Navan-> E/w Bilbo Bagins     21.00WIN 125.001226.55
09402/03 HHorse Racing Taun-> E/w Triopas   19.00LOSE 10.001101.55
09501/03 HHorse Racing Muss-> E/w Wake Your Dreams     15.00LOSE 10.001111.55
09627/02 HHorse Racing Ayr-> E/w Pads   17.00LOSE 10.001121.55
09725/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Milansbar   21.00LOSE 10.001131.55
09824/02 HHorse Racing Extr-> E/w Say My Name   23.00LOSE 10.001141.55
09923/02 HHorse Racing Hunt-> E/w Triopas   26.00VOID1151.55
10021/02 HHorse Racing Weth-> E/w Mortens Leam   34.00LOSE 10.001151.55

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Table for Horse Racing in July

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Pinpoint Horse Racing  20/49 +299.00
2 Hicko65 Horse Racing  11/14 +270.13
3 Brian Horses Horse Racing  6/57 +236.00
4 Puntage Horse Racing  9/22 +211.25
5 TexasPete Horse Racing  14/80 +196.30
6 Roland65 Horse Racing  14/80 +157.00
7 WhippaSnappa Horse Racing  13/48 +154.88
8 Market Movers Horse Racing  32/90 +116.60
9 TipOfTheDay All  10/6 +104.80
10 Kalatari Horse Racing  13/62 +77.50
The stake for each tip is 10 units