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Tipster: Daily Nap  ratingratingratingratingrating

Tips: 339
Win / Loss: 102-9-228
Num Placed:31
Balance: 406.57
Yield: 12.3%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month: 5.00

NEW! Profit for this month at recommended stakes: 5.00
NEW! Overall Profit at recommended stakes: 284.97
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Overall Profit if 30 units alloacted for NAP, 20 for near best, 5 for outsiders and 10 for the rest: 888.37
*NB - Some used this to show tip confidence prior to the introduction of variable staking (Jan 2017) information but a NAP might not necessarily be recommended at 30 units now.

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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit/Loss for NAPS: 27.90
Profit at odds less than 3.0: -60.80
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0: 128.50
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0: 51.12
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: 179.50
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 108.25
Profit if backed win only: 535.20 (+128.63)

Average num tips per day: 4.71
Average odds overall: 8.44
Average odds on winners: 7.51
Longest losing streak: 15

Current year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
106.80 294.77 5.00

Profit for 2017: 406.57

Results - Last 100 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00124/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Spiraea 8.00LOSE 10.00406.57
00224/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Cape Discovery 7.50LOSE 10.00416.57
00323/04 HHorse Racing Strat-> Win Presentandcorrect 8.00LOSE 10.00426.57
00419/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Archipeligo 15.00LOSE 10.00436.57
00519/04 HHorse Racing Sedge-> Win So Satisfied 5.50LOSE 10.00446.57
00619/04 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Bogart 10.00LOSE 10.00456.57
00719/04 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Azure Fly 9.50LOSE 10.00466.57
00818/04 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Vibrant Chords 6.00LOSE 10.00476.57
00918/04 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Sego Success 5.50LOSE 10.00486.57
01017/04 HHorse Racing Fairy-> Win Foxrock 21.00LOSE 10.00496.57
01117/04 HHorse Racing Plump-> Win Pearls Legend 6.00WIN 50.00506.57
01217/04 HHorse Racing Redc-> Win See The Sun 10.00LOSE 10.00456.57
01317/04 HHorse Racing MrktR-> Win Jackthejourneyman 6.00LOSE 10.00466.57
01417/04 HHorse Racing Fake-> Win Gin And Tonic 6.00LOSE 10.00476.57
01516/04 HHorse Racing FfosL-> Win Cogry 6.50LOSE 10.00486.57
01616/04 HHorse Racing Plump-> Win Lake Chapala 5.50WIN 45.00496.57
01715/04 HHorse Racing Strat-> Win Elkstone 8.00LOSE 10.00451.57
01815/04 HHorse Racing Newt-> Win Ascotdeux Nellerie 10.00LOSE 10.00461.57
01915/04 HHorse Racing Newt-> Win Irish Thistle 8.00LOSE 10.00471.57
02014/04 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Boom The Groom 17.00LOSE 10.00481.57
02114/04 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Kalk Bay 17.00WIN 15.00491.57
02214/04 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Prince Of Arran 9.00LOSE 10.00476.57
02314/04 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Dougan 13.00LOSE 10.00486.57
02414/04 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Holiday Magic 8.50LOSE 10.00496.57
02513/04 HHorse Racing Towc-> Win Sliding Doors 3.25LOSE 10.00506.57
02613/04 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Boss Des Mottes 6.00LOSE 10.00516.57
02713/04 HHorse Racing Towc-> Win Benbecula 7.00VOID526.57
02813/04 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Noguchi 5.50LOSE 10.00526.57
02912/04 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Glorious Artist 3.00LOSE 10.00536.57
03012/04 HHorse Racing Catt-> Win Pearl Noir 11.00LOSE 10.00546.57
03112/04 HHorse Racing Font-> Win Lakeshore Lady 3.25WIN 22.50556.57
03212/04 HHorse Racing Font-> Win Itoldyou 7.50LOSE 10.00534.07
03312/04 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Valcartier 3.75WIN 27.50544.07
03411/04 HHorse Racing Ponte-> Win Melabi 9.00LOSE 10.00516.57
03511/04 HHorse Racing Extr-> Win Storm Alert 9.00LOSE 10.00526.57
03611/04 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Salvatore Fury 7.00LOSE 10.00536.57
03710/04 HHorse Racing Kelso-> Win Sudski Star 11.00WIN 100.00546.57
03810/04 HHorse Racing Kelso-> Win Trust Thomas 11.00LOSE 10.00446.57
03910/04 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Captain Peacock 2.50WIN 15.00456.57
04008/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Houblon Des Obeaux 41.00LOSE 10.00441.57
04108/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Cause Of Causes 15.00WIN 12.50451.57
04208/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Thunder And Roses 29.00LOSE 10.00439.07
04308/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win Bless The Wings 101.00VOID449.07
04408/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Saint Are 51.00WIN 57.50449.07
04508/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Raz De Maree 41.00LOSE 10.00391.57
04608/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win The Last Samuri 15.00LOSE 10.00401.57
04708/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Golden Doyen 21.00LOSE 10.00411.57
04807/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Monbeg Charmer 26.00LOSE 10.00421.57
04907/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Katachenko 26.00LOSE 10.00431.57
05007/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Kylemore Lough 15.00LOSE 10.00441.57
05107/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Virgilio 21.00LOSE 10.00451.57
05207/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> E/w Runswick Royal 26.00LOSE 10.00461.57
05306/04 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win One For Jodie 8.00LOSE 10.00471.57
05406/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win Sassy Diva 13.00LOSE 10.00481.57
05506/04 HHorse Racing Taun-> Win Qualando 6.00VOID491.57
05606/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win On The Fringe 3.00LOSE 10.00491.57
05706/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win Empire Of Dirt 3.50LOSE 10.00501.57
05805/04 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Wedgewood Estates 12.00LOSE 10.00511.57
05905/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Mount Cheiron 8.00LOSE 10.00521.57
06005/04 HHorse Racing Winc-> Win Butlergrove King 3.75LOSE 10.00531.57
06105/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Bracken Brae 2.00WIN 10.00541.57
06205/04 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Innoko 8.00LOSE 10.00531.57
06304/04 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Star Of Lombardy 3.50WIN 25.00541.57
06404/04 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Sonny The One 13.00LOSE 10.00516.57
06504/04 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Im Super Too 9.00LOSE 10.00526.57
06604/04 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Hart Stopper 2.75LOSE 10.00536.57
06704/04 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Crosse Fire 5.50WIN 45.00546.57
06803/04 HHorse Racing Hunt-> Win Cowards Close 7.50LOSE 10.00501.57
06903/04 HHorse Racing Hunt-> Win Giveitachance 6.50LOSE 10.00511.57
07003/04 HHorse Racing Hunt-> Win Ryeolliean 4.00WIN 30.00521.57
07103/04 HHorse Racing Kelso-> Win Total Assets 3.25WIN 22.50491.57
07202/04 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Vino Griego 11.00VOID469.07
07302/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Naggers 21.00WIN 20.00469.07
07402/04 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Dark Flame 9.00LOSE 10.00449.07
07502/04 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Percy Street 7.00LOSE 10.00459.07
07602/04 HHorse Racing Donc-> E/w Kalk Bay 26.00LOSE 10.00469.07
07701/04 HHorse Racing Uttox-> E/w Endeavor 7.00LOSE 10.00479.07
07801/04 HHorse Racing Strat-> E/w St Saviour 15.00WIN 87.50489.07
07931/03 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Royal Brave 9.00LOSE 10.00401.57
08031/03 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Newmarket Warrior 6.50WIN 55.00411.57
08131/03 HHorse Racing Newc-> E/w Slemy 15.00LOSE 10.00356.57
08231/03 HHorse Racing Ling-> E/w Bertie Blu Boy 15.00LOSE 10.00366.57
08331/03 HHorse Racing Font-> Win Stiff Upper Lip 8.00LOSE 10.00376.57
08430/03 HHorse Racing Warw-> E/w Ballyculla 12.00LOSE 10.00386.57
08530/03 HHorse Racing Warw-> Win Sun Cloud 7.00LOSE 10.00396.57
08630/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Oriental Relation 21.00LOSE 10.00406.57
08730/03 HHorse Racing Taun-> Win Leg Lock Luke 4.00LOSE 10.00416.57
08830/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Quality Art 6.50WIN 55.00426.57
08929/03 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Steelriver 5.50LOSE 10.00371.57
09029/03 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Special Season 12.00LOSE 10.00381.57
09129/03 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Cherry Kool 7.00LOSE 10.00391.57
09229/03 HHorse Racing Sthl-> E/w Thackeray 17.00WIN 11.00401.57
09329/03 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Blackthorn Stick 8.00LOSE 10.00390.57
09428/03 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Riddlestown 13.00WIN 120.00400.57
09528/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Pearl Noir 10.00LOSE 10.00280.57
09628/03 HHorse Racing Hex-> E/w Ryedale Racer 7.50LOSE 10.00290.57
09728/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Armagnac 4.00LOSE 10.00300.57
09828/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w One For Jodie 11.00LOSE 10.00310.57
09927/03 HHorse Racing Wolv-> E/w Lutine Charlie 26.00WIN 26.25320.57
10027/03 HHorse Racing MrktR-> E/w Contre Tous 9.00WIN 80.00294.32

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4 Pinpoint Horse Racing  33/68 +313.88
5 ApprenticeJo Horse Racing  22/69 +182.93
6 Roland65 Horse Racing  10/102 +170.00
7 Brian Horses Horse Racing  10/75 +136.00
8 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  29/39 +110.07
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