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Tipster: Culvey  ratingratingratingrating

Tips: 379
Win / Loss: 46-15-318
Num Placed:16
Balance: 213.35
Yield: 5.9%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month:

NEW! Profit for this month at recommended stakes: 0.00
NEW! Overall Profit at recommended stakes: 213.35
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Overall Profit if 30 units alloacted for NAP, 20 for near best, 5 for outsiders and 10 for the rest: 323.55
*NB - Some used this to show tip confidence prior to the introduction of variable staking (Jan 2017) information but a NAP might not necessarily be recommended at 30 units now.


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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit/Loss for NAPS: -124.90
Profit at odds less than 3.0: 37.35
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0: -71.00
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0: -275.00
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: 90.50
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 431.50
Profit if backed win only: 546.85 (+333.5)

Average num tips per day: 2.53
Average odds overall: 18.67
Average odds on winners: 15.94
Longest losing streak: 82

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Profit for 2014: 1192.25
Profit for 2015: -828.90
Profit for 2016: -150.00

Results - Last 100 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00120/11 HHorse Racing Extr-> Win Castarnie     21.00LOSE 10.00213.35
00213/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Imperial Eloquence   41.00LOSE 10.00223.35
00313/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Mahlers Star   34.00LOSE 10.00233.35
00413/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win John Constable   19.00LOSE 10.00243.35
00512/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Fingal Bay     13.00LOSE 10.00253.35
00612/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Aso   17.00LOSE 10.00263.35
00712/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Shotgun Paddy   13.00LOSE 10.00273.35
00811/11 HHorse Racing Dund-> Win Empresario   13.00LOSE 10.00283.35
00911/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Humour   13.00LOSE 10.00293.35
01011/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Althib   10.00LOSE 10.00303.35
01111/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Kilfinichen Bay     15.00LOSE 10.00313.35
01211/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Take The Helm   13.00LOSE 10.00323.35
01311/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Impulsive American   8.50LOSE 10.00333.35
01411/11 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Dunraven Storm   11.00LOSE 10.00343.35
01511/11 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Think Ahead   7.00LOSE 10.00353.35
01611/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Cinders   13.00VOID363.35
01709/11 HHorse Racing Extr-> Win Castarnie     9.00VOID363.35
01828/11 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Fingal Bay     15.00LOSE 10.00363.35
01927/11 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Gevrey Chambertin     21.00LOSE 10.00373.35
02026/11 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Russe Blanc     9.00LOSE 10.00383.35
02125/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Each-way Beauty Night   17.00LOSE 10.00393.35
02224/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Each-way Meebo   26.00LOSE 10.00403.35
02324/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Deep Resolve     11.00LOSE 10.00413.35
02424/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Uncle Brit   10.00LOSE 10.00423.35
02524/11 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Each-way General Tufto   34.00LOSE 10.00433.35
02623/11 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Ew Unex El Greco   67.00LOSE 10.00443.35
02723/11 HHorse Racing Ludl-> Each-way Jayo Time     17.00WIN 96.00453.35
02822/11 HHorse Racing Navan-> Each-way Ninety Seconds   51.00LOSE 10.00357.35
02922/11 HHorse Racing Navan-> Each-way I Knew Well   34.00LOSE 10.00367.35
03022/11 HHorse Racing Extr-> Win Ubaltique   8.00LOSE 10.00377.35
03122/11 HHorse Racing Navan-> Each-way The Westener Boy   26.00LOSE 10.00387.35
03221/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Each-way Desert Strike   11.00LOSE 10.00397.35
03321/11 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Each-way Definitly Red   9.00WIN 5.00407.35
03421/11 HHorse Racing Hunt-> Win Flute Bowl     4.00LOSE 10.00402.35
03521/11 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Each-way Ephraim   15.00WIN 9.00412.35
03620/11 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Each-way El Campeon   11.00WIN 60.00403.35
03720/11 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Each-way Forest Bihan     7.00LOSE 10.00343.35
03820/11 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Each-way Desert Joe   9.00LOSE 10.00353.35
03919/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Each-way The Yank   13.00WIN 10.00363.35
04019/11 HHorse Racing Winc-> Win Whataknight     4.50LOSE 10.00353.35
04119/11 HHorse Racing Ling-> Each-way Kinglami   14.00LOSE 10.00363.35
04218/11 HHorse Racing Warw-> Each-way Franciscan   26.00VOID373.35
04310/08 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Cinders   7.00LOSE 10.00373.35
04410/08 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Sensational Secret   10.00LOSE 10.00383.35
04501/08 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Gamesome   23.00LOSE 10.00393.35
04601/08 HHorse Racing Good-> Win Mubtaghaa   26.00LOSE 10.00403.35
04720/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Teak     19.00LOSE 10.00413.35
04817/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Dark Emerald     41.00LOSE 10.00423.35
04917/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Mister Universe   34.00LOSE 10.00433.35
05016/06 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Ancient Cross   15.00LOSE 10.00443.35
05114/06 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win York Glory   26.00LOSE 10.00453.35
05211/04 HHorse Racing Crabbies\'sGrandNational-> Win Balthazar King   34.00LOSE 10.00463.35
05311/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win Oscar Time   41.00LOSE 10.00473.35
05409/04 HHorse Racing Aint-> Win Menorah   15.00LOSE 10.00483.35
05513/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win The Giant Bolster   51.00LOSE 10.00493.35
05613/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Fingal Bay   34.00LOSE 10.00503.35
05713/03 HHorse Racing Win Cheltenian   19.00LOSE 10.00513.35
05813/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Pain Au Chocolat   23.00LOSE 10.00523.35
05912/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Edgardo Sol   26.00LOSE 10.00533.35
06012/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Reve De Sivola   26.00LOSE 10.00543.35
06112/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Wishful Thinking   34.00LOSE 10.00553.35
06212/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Big Easy   13.00LOSE 10.00563.35
06312/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Colour Squadron   29.00LOSE 10.00573.35
06411/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Wait For Me   13.00LOSE 10.00583.35
06511/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Uncle Junior   23.00LOSE 10.00593.35
06611/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Goodwood Mirage   13.00LOSE 10.00603.35
06710/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Hurricane Fly   12.00LOSE 10.00613.35
06810/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Lamb Or Cod   41.00LOSE 10.00623.35
06910/03 HHorse Racing Chelt-> Win Josses Hill   15.00LOSE 10.00633.35
07021/02 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win The Rainbow Hunter   41.00LOSE 10.00643.35
07121/02 HHorse Racing Newc-> Win Woodford County   17.00LOSE 10.00653.35
07219/02 HHorse Racing Meydan-> Win Sirius Prospect   11.00LOSE 10.00663.35
07312/02 HHorse Racing Font-> Win Stow   26.00LOSE 10.00673.35
07407/02 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Brian Noble   21.00LOSE 10.00683.35
07507/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Jay Bee Blue   23.00LOSE 10.00693.35
07607/02 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Cheltenian   41.00LOSE 10.00703.35
07707/02 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Goodwood Mirage   19.00LOSE 10.00713.35
07807/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Rebellious Guest   15.00LOSE 10.00723.35
07903/02 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Desert Strike   26.00LOSE 10.00733.35
08002/02 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Lexington Blue   13.00LOSE 10.00743.35
08101/02 HHorse Racing Muss-> Win Run Ructions Run   11.00LOSE 10.00753.35
08201/02 HHorse Racing Muss-> Win Nathans Pride   13.00VOID763.35
08330/01 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Puzzle Time   11.00LOSE 10.00763.35
08429/01 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Rodrigo De Torres   17.00LOSE 10.00773.35
08527/01 HHorse Racing Taun-> Win Stow   21.00VOID783.35
08623/01 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Jazri   26.00LOSE 10.00783.35
08723/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Dark Avenger   26.00LOSE 10.00793.35
08823/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Steventon Star   81.00LOSE 10.00803.35
08923/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Dark Wonder   17.00LOSE 10.00813.35
09023/01 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Lord Brantwood   26.00LOSE 10.00823.35
09121/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Corporal Maddox   17.00LOSE 10.00833.35
09217/01 HHorse Racing Taun-> Win Cafe Au Lait   21.00LOSE 10.00843.35
09317/01 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Cedre Bleu   17.00LOSE 10.00853.35
09417/01 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Clockmaker   21.00LOSE 10.00863.35
09517/01 HHorse Racing Taun-> Win Helium   15.00LOSE 10.00873.35
09616/01 HHorse Racing Muss-> Win Solway Sam     8.00LOSE 10.00883.35
09715/01 HHorse Racing Meydan-> Win Dark Emerald   15.00LOSE 10.00893.35
09815/01 HHorse Racing MrktR-> Win Fujin Dancer   9.00LOSE 10.00903.35
09914/01 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Skidby Mill   10.00LOSE 10.00913.35
10014/01 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Jazri   21.00LOSE 10.00923.35

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Table for Horse Racing in August

 Name W/L Profit £
1 Pointage Horse Racing  16/57 +1146.25
2 Daily Nap Horse Racing  31/41 +594.39
3 TexasPete Horse Racing  16/49 +532.10
4 Superted Horse Racing  16/55 +463.00
5 Market Movers Horse Racing  55/139 +219.10
6 Puntage Horse Racing  3/7 +125.00
7 Tipwise Horse Racing  9/27 +122.50
8 AppJoLays Horse Racing  19/5 +57.50
9 Value Hunter Horse Racing  6/29 +55.50
10 Dynamite21 Horse Racing  13/22 +18.08
The stake for each tip is 10 units