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Tipster: BVBiggies  ratingratingratingratingrating

Tips: 320
Win / Loss: 16-12-292
Num Placed:1
Balance: 1200.00
Yield: 39%

Profit for today: No bets settled today
Profit for this month:

NEW! Profit for this month at recommended stakes: 0.00
NEW! Overall Profit at recommended stakes: 1200.00
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Overall Profit if 30 units alloacted for NAP, 20 for near best, 5 for outsiders and 10 for the rest: 565.00
*NB - Some used this to show tip confidence prior to the introduction of variable staking (Jan 2017) information but a NAP might not necessarily be recommended at 30 units now.

A few nice priced punts here and there at decent odds. Small stakes only. Long losing runs with these, not tips to be jumping in and out of randomly as more lose than win (very small strike rate, so you become immune to losers very quickly if you follow these!), and you never know when the winners will pop up so you really have to be committed to following them to get the full benefit and reap the rewards long term. It's very much a numbers game. LOTS of losers to find the winners, but at the odds that's to be expected. Never go in heavy on any of these, they are small stake bets with a limited downside when they lose, and a HUGE upside when they win (the sort of bets you can bang a couple of quid on at Betfair SP and forget about, then just check the balance at the end of the day, which is what I do now). You will find I very rarely use exchange prices when putting these up, so most of them are reported at bookie odds, which to a degree undermines them, however the upside to that is that I know we can all get at least the price I put them up at... and by shopping around and watching the drifts you can also get a lot higher odds in most instances. Not guaranteed to be putting tips up every month as I tend to like end of season, start of new season, for these as there tends to be a lot more market uncertainty that works in our favour at the bigger prices I feel personally. Feel free to go win or e/w. I put them up at win for reporting, but there have been many times they have hit the frame to payout at bigger place odds than the winner! If you want to follow these on a regular basis, and I am not tipping, just visit where you will find a list of daily qualifiers and a guide on how to bet them.

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Profit/Loss Analysis

Profit at odds less than 3.0:
Profit at odds greater than 3.0 to 6.0:
Profit at odds greater than 6.0 to 11.0:
Profit at odds greater than 11.0 to 16.0: -60.00
Profit at odds greater than 16.0: 1260.00
Profit if backed win only: 1145.00 (-55)

Average num tips per day: 4.57
Average odds overall: 49.88
Average odds on winners: 30.69
Longest losing streak: 64

Current year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
-100.00 900.00 -90.00 -40.00

Last year by month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
160.00 550.00 -180.00

Profit for 2016: 530.00
Profit for 2017: 670.00

Results - Last 100 tips

Date  Tip OddsResultProfit/Loss
00115/07 HHorse Racing York-> Win Mawaqeet 21.00LOSE 10.001200.00
00215/07 HHorse Racing York-> Win Push Npull 17.00LOSE 10.001210.00
00315/07 HHorse Racing York-> Win Snoano   23.00LOSE 10.001220.00
00415/07 HHorse Racing York-> Win Sir Roderic 21.00LOSE 10.001230.00
00524/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Excellent Result 67.00LOSE 10.001240.00
00624/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Captain Colby 67.00LOSE 10.001250.00
00724/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Al Jazi 34.00LOSE 10.001260.00
00824/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Aclaim 34.00LOSE 10.001270.00
00924/06 HHorse Racing Ascot-> Win Gold Town 26.00LOSE 10.001280.00
01016/06 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Zamperini 26.00LOSE 10.001290.00
01116/06 HHorse Racing Newt-> Win Gentleman Jon 21.00LOSE 10.001300.00
01216/06 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Matewan 34.00VOID1310.00
01316/06 HHorse Racing Sand-> Win Swift Fox 51.00LOSE 10.001310.00
01414/06 HHorse Racing Hayd-> E/w Tamarin   201.00LOSE 10.001320.00
01514/06 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win Captain Hawk 26.00LOSE 10.001330.00
01613/06 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win African Girl 41.00LOSE 10.001340.00
01713/06 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win Himalayan Queen 17.00WIN 160.001350.00
01813/06 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win Kodiac Khan 34.00LOSE 10.001190.00
01907/06 HHorse Racing Uttox-> Win Cheyona 67.00LOSE 10.001200.00
02007/06 HHorse Racing Uttox-> Win Blackwell Synergy 41.00LOSE 10.001210.00
02107/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Goadby 21.00LOSE 10.001220.00
02207/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Bond Angel 67.00LOSE 10.001230.00
02307/06 HHorse Racing Uttox-> Win Robert De Bruce 101.00LOSE 10.001240.00
02406/06 HHorse Racing Sthl-> Win Tayarat 34.00LOSE 10.001250.00
02506/06 HHorse Racing Yarm-> Win Herm 21.00VOID1260.00
02606/06 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Bombero 67.00LOSE 10.001260.00
02706/06 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Hajjam 17.00LOSE 10.001270.00
02806/06 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Suitor 19.00LOSE 10.001280.00
02905/06 HHorse Racing Wind-> Win Bermondsey Belle 29.00LOSE 10.001290.00
03005/06 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Upended 67.00LOSE 10.001300.00
03105/06 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Ignacio Zuloaga 51.00VOID1310.00
03205/06 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Major Peirson 67.00LOSE 10.001310.00
03305/06 HHorse Racing Leic-> Win Vallesa 41.00LOSE 10.001320.00
03405/06 HHorse Racing Thirsk-> Win Mount Hellvelyn 29.00LOSE 10.001330.00
03504/06 HHorse Racing Perth-> Win Royal Summit 34.00LOSE 10.001340.00
03604/06 HHorse Racing Fake-> Win Peak Seasons   101.00LOSE 10.001350.00
03704/06 HHorse Racing Perth-> Win Formidableopponent 34.00LOSE 10.001360.00
03804/06 HHorse Racing Perth-> Win Final Reminder 41.00LOSE 10.001370.00
03904/06 HHorse Racing List-> Win Rhythm Of Love 51.00LOSE 10.001380.00
04003/06 HHorse Racing Hex-> Win Unex Picasso 41.00LOSE 10.001390.00
04103/06 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Nick Vedder 41.00LOSE 10.001400.00
04203/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Dubai Thunder 17.00LOSE 10.001410.00
04303/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Dark Shot   23.00LOSE 10.001420.00
04403/06 HHorse Racing Donc-> Win Time Change 21.00LOSE 10.001430.00
04502/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Not So Sleepy 21.00WIN 200.001440.00
04602/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Air Pilot 41.00LOSE 10.001240.00
04702/06 HHorse Racing Catt-> Win Newgate Sioux   23.00LOSE 10.001250.00
04802/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Forceful Appeal 26.00LOSE 10.001260.00
04902/06 HHorse Racing Epsm-> Win Holdenhurst 21.00LOSE 10.001270.00
05001/06 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Miss Pacific 51.00LOSE 10.001280.00
05101/06 HHorse Racing ChelmC-> Win Hanningfield 41.00LOSE 10.001290.00
05201/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Quinteo 34.00LOSE 10.001300.00
05301/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Red Shanghai 51.00LOSE 10.001310.00
05401/06 HHorse Racing Wolv-> Win Tess Graham   51.00LOSE 10.001320.00
05531/05 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Anna Briggs   41.00LOSE 10.001330.00
05631/05 HHorse Racing Ayr-> Win Sergeant Pink   34.00LOSE 10.001340.00
05730/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Katebird   26.00LOSE 10.001350.00
05819/05 HHorse Racing Newm-> Win Warsaw Road 34.00LOSE 10.001360.00
05919/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Song Of Love 51.00LOSE 10.001370.00
06019/05 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Canford Tor 21.00LOSE 10.001380.00
06119/05 HHorse Racing Newb-> Win Methag 23.00LOSE 10.001390.00
06219/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Dolly Dagger 151.00LOSE 10.001400.00
06318/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Tatting 34.00LOSE 10.001410.00
06418/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Cote Dazur   15.00LOSE 10.001420.00
06518/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Contrapposto   41.00LOSE 10.001430.00
06618/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Syphax 23.00LOSE 10.001440.00
06718/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Union Rose 34.00LOSE 10.001450.00
06817/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Zain Arion 21.00WIN 200.001460.00
06917/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Flashy Snapper 26.00LOSE 10.001260.00
07017/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Mobsta 34.00LOSE 10.001270.00
07117/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win King Robert 41.00LOSE 10.001280.00
07217/05 HHorse Racing York-> Win Mythical Madness 51.00LOSE 10.001290.00
07316/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Save The Bees 29.00LOSE 10.001300.00
07416/05 HHorse Racing Sedge-> Win Strike Fear 41.00LOSE 10.001310.00
07516/05 HHorse Racing Sedge-> Win King Golan 151.00LOSE 10.001320.00
07616/05 HHorse Racing Bev-> Win Tess Graham   51.00LOSE 10.001330.00
07716/05 HHorse Racing Warw-> Win Oh Dear Oh Dear 67.00LOSE 10.001340.00
07815/05 HHorse Racing Brig-> Win Lady Of York 67.00LOSE 10.001350.00
07915/05 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Barwah 26.00LOSE 10.001360.00
08015/05 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Theodorico   41.00WIN 400.001370.00
08115/05 HHorse Racing Weth-> Win Powercell 41.00LOSE 10.00970.00
08215/05 HHorse Racing Kemp-> Win Free One 126.00LOSE 10.00980.00
08314/05 HHorse Racing Curr-> Win Nudge 21.00LOSE 10.00990.00
08414/05 HHorse Racing Killar-> E/w Arthamint 15.00LOSE 10.001000.00
08514/05 HHorse Racing Killar-> Win Ask Nile 21.00WIN 200.001010.00
08614/05 HHorse Racing Killar-> Win Field Robin 51.00LOSE 10.00810.00
08714/05 HHorse Racing Killar-> Win Celebrity Status 51.00LOSE 10.00820.00
08813/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Eartha Kitt 34.00LOSE 10.00830.00
08913/05 HHorse Racing Hex-> Win Beyondtheflame 101.00LOSE 10.00840.00
09013/05 HHorse Racing Nott-> Win Rivas Rose Marie 34.00VOID850.00
09113/05 HHorse Racing Hayd-> Win Luccombe Down 21.00LOSE 10.00850.00
09213/05 HHorse Racing Hex-> Win Man Of La Mancha 67.00LOSE 10.00860.00
09312/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Subcontinent 15.00LOSE 10.00870.00
09412/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Secret Asset 101.00LOSE 10.00880.00
09512/05 HHorse Racing Ling-> Win Sparkling Cossack 126.00LOSE 10.00890.00
09612/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Alniyat 26.00LOSE 10.00900.00
09712/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Carbon Dating 29.00LOSE 10.00910.00
09812/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Grand Inquisitor 29.00VOID920.00
09911/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Nobrassnolass 51.00LOSE 10.00920.00
10011/05 HHorse Racing Chest-> Win Count Octave 17.00LOSE 10.00930.00

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5 Value Hunter Horse Racing  6/31 +170.75
6 AppJoLays Horse Racing  33/3 +125.00
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10 HorseLays Horse Racing  2/0 +20.00
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