Interesting Betting Strategy

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Interesting Betting Strategy

Postby Brian » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:06 pm

I recently became aware of a pretty simple but clever betting strategy which should ensure you are able to profit form your betting very easily. Basically you monitor the markets on betfair and when the odds on a selection are shortening in a trend, you cross check the prices with the bookies and any that are yet to follow suit you pick them off and take the bet.

You can check the trend by clicking on the graph next to the selection on betfair and if you spot the trend early enough you will get even better value. I tested this out last night and Wigan (vs Gillingham) shortened to 1.89 before kick off but a couple of bookies were offering odds of 2.0 right up until it went in play. If you can back every 1.89 shot at evens you could make a tonne of money!

For the record Wigan went 2-0 down but came back tow in 3-2 with an injury time winner but that's irrelevant because we got good value. Exeter v Liverpool is another example tonight. Exeter's odds have come in because Klopp has said that he is resting all his first team players. They've gone from 8.5 to 6.4 on the exchange. A lot of bookies have updated their odds accordingly but SportingBet are still offering odds of 8.5 I actually think they have a differing opinion on this match or may have already taken some big bets on Liverpool but either way 8.5 will be great value, regardless of the outcome.

You may think well why not just back every standout price on oddschecker and that may result in some success, more probably a break even strategy. But by spotting trends that are clearly the result of new information early you can increase your returns further and make sure you are getting value prices based on solid information.

Now all we need is something to highlight these automatically! :D
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